Celebrity/ Rajan Kunnamkulam


Rajan Kunnamkulam was a well known in the film field for more than 40 years. He has worked as a Production Assistant, Production Executive and also as a Production Controller. He played an important role in the making of various movies and has worked with numerous reputed Directors. He has also done variety roles in a few films too. In Harihar Nagar, To Harihar Nagar, Vietnam Colony, Godfather, Ayal Kadhaezhuthukayane, AnnaraKannanum Thannalayathu, Azhakadal were few of the films were he played vibrant roles in. At the age of 15, he came to Madras and started his career helping KG George in his films. He has worked with renowned directors Bharathan, Padmarajan, Sidhique-Lal, Fasil etc.

Rajan Kunnamkulam passed away in a private hospital at Perumbilav due to heart attack on 17 Sept 2011. He was 59 when he passed away.