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Shyamaprasad, film director, born 1960 in Kerala, India.After completing his degree in Theatre Arts from the School of Drama, Calicut University, Shyamaprasad received the Commonwealth Scholarship in 1989 and did his Master in Media Production at the Hull University, England. He imbibed the learning received as an intern at the BBC and Channel 4, to Indian television and redefined the parameters of telefilms and documentaries in Malayalam Television with Doordarshan programmes. He continues to push the frontiers of television in his creative role as President, Programming, Amrita Television.

His features for TV and cinema have won him several national and state awards. Agnisakshi and Akale had been adjudged the best regional cinema films of the nation in 1998 and 2004. These films also received as many as nine state awards in all major technical categories including the Best Director.

He is the son of BJP leader and former Union Minister O. Rajagopal. He is married to Sheeba and has two kids. Currently residing in Trivandrum.

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