100 Days of Love


100 Days of Love is a 2015 Malayalam romantic comedy film.

Balan K. Nair, who calls himself BKN, is a columnist in a famous daily based in Bangalore. After insulting his ex-girlfriend on Facebook in a drunken state, Balan feels like his life is not in sync. He is the “loser” of his family, since his brother is a successful doctor. He left from his parents’ house to become a columnist. He lives with his close aid Ummar, who is a foodie and an avid computer gamer. One day, Balan meets Sheela when they both get into a taxi at the same time. Balan instantly sees her and falls in love. As the taxi drives away, Balan sees Sheela’s bag lying on the floor. Inside the bag, there is an old camera with photos of certain places and certain people in Bangalore. Balan and Ummer use the pictures as clues to try to find Sheela. Just as Balan begins to lose hope, he has a chance meeting with Sheela at a hospital, where Sheela reveals that she already knows Balan. Apparently, Balan was her bully back when they were in school, and she was also the reason that the whole school ended up hating him. He immediately tries to avoid Sheela in the future. However, she keeps meeting him until he falls in love with her again. He talks to her and gets to know her further. She is enjoying life after her studies. One day, Balan sees Rahul proposing to Sheela. Balan feels upset and lost. He tries to talk to Rahul, but Rahul ends up bring extremely possessive and haughty. Balan tries to win Sheela back, but she says she believes in arranged marriages and does not care about love. At the same time, Ummer tells Balan that he must go to the U.S to work with his dad. Balan’s life spirals out of control. He begins to drink excessively, and Sheela becomes worried for Balan. Eventually, after many encounters, Balan somehow convinces Sheela to profess her love for him, and they both live happily ever after.

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