Dayashankar (Amrish Puri) is a wealthy NRI living in London, UK. with his one and only daughter Pooja (Madhuri Dixit), who is the apple of his eye. His life revolves around her and his wife Parvati (Reema Lagoo). Dayashankar also takes care of his deceased best-friend’s son Amar (Saif Ali Khan), and always wishes that his adopted son Amar and his daughter Pooja marry each other when they grow up. Studying in Edinburgh, Amar is overjoyed when he is called to come stay with this family in London, UK.. He eagerly prepares for his meeting with Pooja with whom he has shared his childhood, and plans to ask her father for her hand in marriage ASAP.

However, Pooja has other plans-she has fallen in love with Vijay (Akshay Kumar), an pilot. Her father is bitterly disappointed with her intention of marriage to Vijay, as he has already tacitly promised Amar to marry his daughter Pooja. After some convincing from Amar and his wife Parvati, Dayashankar succumbs to his daughter’s wishes. Amar is obviously very heartbroken, but puts on a brave face at Pooja’s engagement party and wedding ceremonies. Tragedy strikes after the wedding when Vijay is reported “dead” while piloting a plane.

Consequently, Pooja becomes a widow, goes into major depression and to make matters worse, she finds out she is pregnant with Vijay’s child. Her father now is able to convince her to marry Amar so that the unborn child gets a nice father figure to look up to. Amar willingly accepts this marriage and takes on the role of the father to Pooja’s baby boy. When Pooja realises that Amar has always loved her, she begins to reciprocate.

In a twist of fate, it is revealed by the police that Vijay is miraculously saved and very much alive! After a few years, after full recovery Vijay returns to U.K. to find Pooja. Pooja is overjoyed to see him but when Vijay sees that Pooja is happily married to Amar, he misunderstands the situation and believes the rumors that people were spreading about Amar – that Amar had planned the accident to get Vijay out of the pic’ so that he could marry Pooja easily.

Therefore, Vijay becomes so hostile he gangs up with Paresh Rawal (an old enemy of Amar’s deceased father) and sets out for revenge by setting fire to Amar’s factories and kidnapping Pooja’s son (he doesn’t know that the boy is his own son).

Now, Pooja steps in and tries to explain to Vijay that she is shocked and hurt by his hostile behaviour. Pooja tells Vijay the truth and reveals that the child is his own son. She explains to him that she had to marry Amar so that the child could get a father figure. Vijay retaliates by telling her that his accident was planned and considered attempted murder by all the police in the neighbourhood (including all the rumours). The two are unable to see eye to eye and need some time and space to get over the shock from the turn of events. After some time, both find out from the police that the evidence shows that the murder was not planned by Amar but was in fact, planned by Dayashankar.

When Amar’s father’s killer (Paresh Rawal) holds Vijay’s and Pooja’s son captive, asking for high amounts of money as ransom and keeps blackmailing the family. After this episode, Dayashankar is fed up, tired and begins to regret his actions and misses his grandson immensely willing to give anything in ransom to have him back. Vijay also begins to realize that his hostility against Pooja and her family and revenge on them is futile, and he starts to become more forgiving to his father-in law Dayashankar, and thankful to Amar for taking good care of Pooja and his son in his long absence.

Finally, Vijay, his father in law Dayashankar and Amar begin to cook up a plan to get to save their son who is now kidnapped under custody of the evil enemy uncle Paresh Rawal. When they all finally get near to him and his gang with help from the police, the evil uncle shoots Amar multiple times, but Amar uses his body as a shield to protect the child, whereupon Dayashankar kindly and courageously intervenes to shoot the evil uncle Paresh (his best friend’s murderer) as revenge.

Amar slowly passes away, in his last breath he is surrounded by a crying and sobbing Pooja, a regretful Vijay, their son and a very sad Dayashankar. Pooja and Vijay reconcile, see eye to eye now and honour Amar after his death.