Asha Black


Asha Black is a Malayalam Romantic thriller.

Asha Black is a story of a beautiful and colorful romantic relationship between two young and vibrant youngsters, Rohit and Asha aka Asha Black. Rohit is a musician by passion and he has a music band, and its based in Kochi. Asha is Rohit’s lover from Delhi and as the name says, she is lovable but mysterious. Their love grows strong as the time passes by even though they haven’t met each other. And both of them believe in the eternal beauty of love and relationship. But finally, one day Rohit decides to meet his love Asha and goes to Delhi without telling his parents, and only his friends know about it. The story changes into a different pace and phase as soon as Rohit lands in Delhi. He is confronting with the unexpected which will take the audience to a lot of gross realities and shock wave!