Avan Chandiyude Makan


Avan Chandiyude Makan speaks on one plane about the clash between a father and son, the rich and arrogant Chandy Sebastian and his young son, Kurian, who is as adamant as his father in many matters. At the same time it also narrates the story of the feud between two families – the Thattekaad family represented by Chandy and Kurian and the Peralithaanam family represented by Kunjukochu and his sons.

Chandy Sebastian is a prosperous rubber merchant who has always taken pride in having made it to the top unaided. He was accused of having killed his own wife, whom he loved very dearly, but the court had acquitted him. He likes his three daughters Aleyamma, Kochurani and Sophie, but has disowned one of his daughters Susanna, who had become a nun, but had given up the holy robes and had married against his wishes.

His son Kurian too lives away from him due to certain differences that had risen between them. When Susanna, now widowed, returns home with her kids, Chandy refuses to accept her and even insults her harshly. Kurian returns, intend on getting his father accept Susanna back into the family.

In the meantime Peralithaanam Kunjukochu starts making moves against Chandy. He wants Kurian to join him, but Kurian blatantly refuses this, saying that he is not an enemy of his father, though he has certain differences with him. But there are people close to Chandy who are hand in glove with Kunjukochu and his group. What follows forms the plot of Avan Chandiyude Makan.

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