Bavuttiyude Namathil


The movie Bavuttiyude Namathil will be portraying the life of peoples in Malabar area. The movie will depict the life of a car driver and his employer which is being mixed with culture of Malabar. Bavutty is a chauffeur in a wealthy household. He is in fact much more than a driver; he solves several problems of the family. He is very much part of the family. For Sethu , his employer, life is all about making money, but Bavutty is a simple man with small dreams. The story takes on a twist when Vanaja’s ex-lover shows up. At first Vanaja thinks that he has come out of his poverty to seek help and tries to help him. But later, it is revealed that he has actually come to blackmail her and to squeeze out huge money. How Bavutty deals with this issue forms the rest of the story.

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