Logging company owner and family man Joe Braven (Jason Momoa), lives with his wife Stephanie (Jill Wagner), and their daughter Charlotte (Sasha Rossof). Braven’s father Linden (Stephen Lang), who suffers from dementia, gets into a bar room brawl after mistaking a woman for his wife, requiring Joe to come to his aid, and resulting in hospitalization for Linden. On Stephanie’s suggestion Joe and Charlotte spend some time together at the family’s secluded mountain cabin with Linden.

While transporting logs by truck, Joe’s co-worker, a driver named Weston (Brendan Fletcher) is asked by Hallett (Zahn McClarnon), a drug trafficker, to recruit other drivers into Hallett’s criminal activities, but Weston refuses, and during this exchange, Weston loses control of his truck, causing a crash that displaces all the logs and cocaine from the vehicle. After they resolve to go to Joe’s mountain cabin to store the cocaine there, Weston and Hallett are picked up by a police patrol car. Hallet relays the news of the crash to his employer, drug lord Kassen (Garret Dillahunt).

After Joe, Linden and Charlotte arrive at the cabin, Charlotte hides in the family car, while Joe discovers the cocaine. The cabin is then surrounded by Kassen’s mercenaries, and when Weston tries to act as a go-between, Kassen kills him. Unable to call for help because of lack of cellular signals at the cabin, Joe, armed with a bow and arrow, and Linden with a gun, kill some of the mercenaries during the ensuing standoff.

Needing higher ground in order to access a cellular network, Joe drives out of the house on a quad bike with the original cocaine bag, and Charlotte, hidden under a blanket. Joe drops off Charlotte and instructs her climb to the mountain, where she calls the sheriff when her cell phone receives proper reception. Circling back, Joe dispatches more of Kassen’s men. Kassen finds the bag, but it is empty. Discovering where Joe sent Charlotte, Kassen sends one of the mercenaries, Ridley, to find her, though when Hallett enters the cabin, he is stabbed twice by Linden, who then retreats, and is later wounded by another mercenary, Essington.

Just before Ridley catches up to Charlotte, a bow-wielding Stephanie arrives, and shoots Ridley with an arrow. A hand-to-hand fight ensures, during which she stabs Ridley before fleeing. Meanwhile, Joe returns to the cabin, where he dispatches Clay and kills Essington. Charlotte is picked up by the sheriff as Ridley continues to pursue Stephanie. Kassen takes Linden hostage and Joe pleads for his life, Kassen fatally stabs him. Kassen is then shot by the sheriff, and escapes the cabin, later retrieving the lost cocaine. Joe then chases after him, and after a knife fight in which Kassen bests Joe, Joe pushes Kassen off a cliff, killing him, before reuniting with Stephanie and Charlotte.