Bharathan and his friends earn money by gambling in the streets. But Bharathan is forced to close down his business when a carnival is organised in the village. Bharathan manages to get a job in the carnival company and soon becomes the most trusted person of its owner Chandrappan, who is fondly called as Bhai. James, another worker at the company is envious about the growth of Bharathan. He attempts to kill Bharathan by removing the brakes of Bharathan’s circus bike. Unfortunately, Bhai is killed in that accident. Bharathan, who once happened to witness James having sex with Bhai’s wife, is doubtful about James’s involvement in the murder. Meanwhile, James, with the help of a police officer, casts Bharathan for the murder. In the climax, Bharathan proves his innocence and brings James in front of justice. On the parallel, a romance story between Bharathan and Gowri is shown. Gowri is a girl who had to sell herself to earn bread for her family.