Chaappa Kurishu


The film puts the scanner on the strangeness of reality in a busy city (Kochi) in Kerala, teeming with life. It deals with issues that are real, contemporary, and quite complex. The film revolves around the lives of two people in extremes. On one end is Arjun, who is excavating riches by being in the booming construction business in Kochi. He wants to be successful at any price. He moves around in plush chauffer driven cars, uses state-of-the-art phones, and flirts with the telemarketing ladies. He has a full-fledged affair with his subordinate Sonia, even though he is preparing to be engaged to his family friend’s daughter Ann.

On the other end there is Ansari, who lives in a slum and works in a supermarket doing odd jobs that include cleaning toilets, sweeping floors, and being an errand boy for his supervisor. He is diminutive, almost a dwarf and looks like he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. His lifestyle is frugal and unchanging. A major chunk of his earnings goes home by old fashioned money orders. Ansari has a soft corner for his co-worker Nafiza, and she reciprocates his feelings.

The film reaches a turning point the moment Sonia learns that Arjun is getting engaged to Ann. A fight occurs between the two and in the heat of the moment he forgets to take his cell phone which slips out of his hand. The phone accidentally reaches the hands of Ansari and he keeps that as his treasure. Arjun gets upset over his lost phone. The phone contains some intimate video clips of Arjun and Sonia, and Arjun tries to recover it from Ansari. Arjun is afraid that the finder upload them onto YouTube. Arjun makes several calls to his missing phone but Ansari always turns it off. Arjun gets terribly frustrated. Finally, Ansari attends a call, but not ready to give the phone back to Arjun. Ansari undergoes a total change in his character after the phone incident and Nafeeza notices it. Under pressure from Nafiza, Ansari opens up. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, Nafiza asks Ansari to return the phone to its rightful owner.

Meanwhile, the phone’s battery runs out. Ansari is financially incapable of buying a charger for the sophisticated phone. So he takes the phone to a shop. This is the turning point of the film. After watching the clips, the shop owner uploads the video onto YouTube. As it spreads like wildfire, it affects Arjun’s marriage. Arjun is shown to be regretful of having taken advantage of Sonia’s trust in him when she allowed him to record their intimate moments. Sonia too finds out about the YouTube video, and after making a call to Arjun, is shown to be preparing for suicide.

It’s a long winding chase that Arjun embarks on, since Ansari soon gets intoxicated by the dope of contentment that he derives from being in charge. The climatic confrontation between the two is all the more vicious and bloody, as they literally try to tear each other apart, before finally settling down and resignedly going their separate ways. Sonia, whose intimate video clips are all over YouTube, decides to leave town instead of killing herself. Arjun finds out and is seen seeking her out at the airport. He’s all bruised from the fight, and the film leaves them at that point indicating Arjun’s regret in how he treated Sonia, and a possible reconciliation between the two.
The movie ends with Ansari standing up to people who mock him.