Charithram is a 1989 Malayalam thriller film.

Philip Manavaalan is the owner of a financing company in Kerala and the movie begins with his wedding preparations. After the wedding, Philip’s wife, Cecily is curious about Raju, Philip’s dead brother and so Philip relates the story of Raju to Cecily.

Raju was young, vibrant and a man of many talents. However, he soon fell prey to the world of drugs and started extracting money to buy drugs from his brother by hook or by crook. Philip, upon learning of his brother’s drug problems, admitted him into a rehab facility. Raju appeared to recover and was then sent to Madras for further studies. On one of his visits to Chennai, Philip realized that Raju had gone back to his old ways and was worse than ever before. One night, Raju stole some money and absconded with Philip’s car. Philip came to know of this later when he received a call informing him that his car had met with an accident and the car’s driver had perished in the explosion. Philip performed the last rites on his brother’s body, which was burnt beyond recognition, in Madras itself and returned to Kerala. Cecily sympathies with her husband and soon gets over this sad incident. However, there is a twist in the story, when Raju returns back home and surprises everyone. Philip has a hard time believing that this man is his brother. But everyone else seems convinced. Whether this is the real Raju or an impostor forms the Climax of this movie.