The story starts with Madhukar winning a competition and receiving award prize from Parthavi,a strong rich independent girl who studies in the same college where Madhu studies.Madhu owns a dhaba and made a promise to his dad he will stay away from Parthavi but he broke the promise.They soon fall in love but problems arrive when their parents don’t accept this relationship. They run away and reach Kolkata in which they rent a small room. Madhu starts working in a dhaba while Parthavi starts to work in a bank. Once, after their argument, Parthavi was nowhere to be found but Madhu finds her in her Bank working hard. Madhu ask her to forgive him and they both marry. Parthavi becomes pregnant and they live happily with their son Aditya. Once, Parthavi gives the phone to her son to talk with her mom but it turned out to be her dad. On the day they kept a pooja of their new house, Parthavi’s brother arrives with many gifts for her family. Parthavi asks Madhu and Aditya to talk with her brother until she returns from the nearby shop of sweets. When she returns, she finds Madhu and Aditya thrown from the roof of their new house leading them both to die.