Diamond Necklace


Diamond Necklace is a 2012 Malayalam film. Diamond Necklace tells the story of a young oncologist who enjoyed his life to the maximum extend.

Dr.Arun Kumar is a young Oncologist working in Dubai. Dr. Arun lives off of plastic money (carrying around a wallet full of credit cards), drives swanky cars and enjoys life to the hilt without worrying about the future. The risk of such a lifestyle comes into focus when we see his car being towed by the creditors. Next we get to see that his up market lifestyle is like a house of cards.

The focus is on his relationship with the people around him. There is Savithri Akka, his boss in the hospital who, in a sense, spoils him with sisterly affection.Lakshmi, a newly recruited Tamil nurse in his department may be the first girl Arun is seriously smitten by.Lakshmi came to Dubai to fulfill her mother’s dream of building a hospital in their village,as her father died due to lack of proper treatment. Maya is a relative of Savithri, a fashion designer who was based in UK and Paris and now in Dubai. She wants to start her own boutique in Dubai. Maya is engaged to Mr.Deepak,who is in France. Maya is diagnosed with cancer and treated by Savithri. Maya’s fiancee Deepak leaves her due to her illness,leaving Maya depressed. While moving Maya’s belongings to the ward, Arun notices a diamond necklace. One day, Arun comes to know through Venu a laborer who is from his town in Kerala, that his mother is not well. But, Arun cannot leave the country due to his creditors. He gets to meet Mr. Narayanan,who also happens to be from his place. Through Narayanan’s influence, Arun is granted permission to leave the country. When he arrives in India, he is tricked into marriage to Narayanan’s niece, Rajasree. Rajasree is a typical “homely” girl who has no clue about city life.

When he comes back, his flat is occupied by his friend’s family. He then goes searching for a space, but finds that he does not have enough money to pay the advance. Lakshmi eventually comes to know that Arun is married and puts an end to their relationship. Then finally,he ends up staying with Maya,who was apparently searching for a person to share her spacious flat. Arun and Maya develop a liking for each other. In the meanwhile,Arun steals Maya’s diamond necklace from her bag and gets a duplicate one. Maya was unaware of the fact that Arun is married. Savithri forces Arun to leave Maya and bring Rajasree to Dubai. Rajasree finds the original diamond necklace hidden in their house, but mistakes it for a birthday gift from her husband. Arun replaces the original diamond necklace with the fake one.Maya happens to see Arun and Rajasree together in a mall. This leaves Maya mentally shocked and her illness further aggravates and injecting morphin,a pain reliever,is the only option. Maya admits that she is sorry to have entered into Arun’s life. Upon her request,Arun injects an excess dose of morphin. She develops complications of the overdose and narrowly escapes death. Lakshmi,who was on duty at that time and had injected an initial dose of the pain reliever,was dismissed from duty. Maya leaves the hospital leaving a gift cover with Savithri to be given to Rajasree by her husband, Arun. When Arun opens the cover the gift eventually turns out to be the original diamond necklace.

Arun drops Lakshmi at the airport,and puts the original diamond necklace into her bag,so that she can fulfill the dream that she and her mother had seen,the hospital. Maya is now seen living a lonely life in a hilly area. She has lost all her hair as a result of the treatments. The story ends with Arun realizing that Rajasree loved him more than the diamond necklace that he had given her.

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