Dil Ki Baazi


Ajay is a rich, spoilt brat who falls in love with Asha, who has held all the responsibilities of her family on her shoulders. Vijay (Akshay Kumar) is a middle class man searching for jobs who loves Aarti (Ayesh jhulka). Ajay and Vijay hate each other. Aarti’s father gets Vijay a job in the same company where he was working, unaware of the fact that it’s Ajay’s father’s company. Ajay tries to get him fired, but fails every time. It is revealed that Ajay and Vijay are step-brothers. Vijay’s father left Ajay’s mom Nirmala Devi (Raakhee) to marry Ajay’s mom for money. He tells the truth to Ajay and asks him to promise that he will find his brother and his mother and will give them equal share in the property. Meanwhile, Vijay realises that Ajay is his step-brother and seeks revenge for his mother. He join hands with Vijay’s rivals in order to destroy Vijay. He overhears Ajay’s conversation with his mom where he says that he wants to give half of his property to his stepbrother and mother whom he is trying to find for so many days. Vijay realises his mistake and forgives Ajay. Some goons attack Ajay’s mom and the boys take revenge on Bhogilal, who killed Ajay’s grandfather. Both brothers unite after so many years. The story ends with Ajay’s mother dying and asks Nirmala Devi to accept both her sons. The live together as a family then.