Doubles is a 2011 Malayalam film. Doubles, which is a story of two siblings who rescue victims of road accidents, is a subtle portrayal of the general mindset of the people to run away from trouble without trying to help an injured victim of an accident.

The film was dubbed and released in Tamil as Puduvai Managaram. Despite the disappointing failure of the original Malayalam version, the dubbed Tamil version became a smash hit at the box office.

The film tells the story of fraternal twins Giri and Gowri, who lost their parents in an accident early in life. They grew up together in an orphanage, inseparable. And when they grew rich, they set up an accident rescue unit in Puducherry in memories of their parents. They have even learnt mountaineering to carry out rescue operations.

Giri and Gowri are absolutely inseparable, and for the same reason have remained unmarried as well. One day they rescues a girl named Saira Banu from an accident, but then on, with Saira’s identity remaining a mystery. Saira remains behind a purdah for a long time, and the antics that the men around her come up with to take a look at her face forms the comedy element of the film. Giri finds that Saira’s accident was fabricated by Gowri’s fiance Mishal. Everything around their happy life takes a sudden change from that point.