Dushman Duniya Ka


The movie focuses on Mahesh (Jeetendra), an honest and diligent young man, who has no knowledge of his background as he was raised in an orphanage. One day, out with his friend Badru (Shahrukh Khan), he meets Reshma (Sumalatha), who is also an orphan. Badru advises Mahesh to make a move on her, though as he approaches her, the two fall in love and Badru decides to get them married. They then live a harmonious life and soon are proud parents of a healthy young boy who they name Lucky (Manzoor Ali). Lucky grows up to be as honest and diligent as his dad, and his future appears to be very bright. When Lucky sees his father smoking, he starts to as well, but when his father stops him, he explains that an old man around his school sells him cigarettes. When Badru and Mahesh approach the old man, he tries to run. Badru chases after him and is then run over by a truck. Badru tragically dies, leaving Mahesh, Reshma, and Lucky on their own.

Years later, when Lucky grows up, he falls in love with Lata (Laila Mehdin), and both plan to marry soon with the blessings of their respective parents. Then Mahesh’s world is turned upside down when he finds drugs in Lucky’s pocket. He speaks to Lucky about this, and Lucky promises to give up drugs forever and does live up to his promise. While driving home one day, Mahesh witnesses a drug peddler selling drugs to a group of youths which also included Lucky. He notifies the police, and they arrest the youths, but the peddler manages to escape. All the other youth tested positive for drugs, except for Lucky. When he returns home, his parents refuse to believe him, this angers him and he and his father come close to fisticuffs.

Mahesh asks Lucky to leave, and he does so. Even Lata has left him and dumped him by now. Lucky regresses to drugs and his friends until he runs out of money. Now he must either steal or even consider killing someone for money and the only ones he could think of taking money from are his parents. What will be Lucky’s fate?