Fanne Khan


Prashant Sharma “Fanney Khan” (Anil Kapoor), a part-time vocalist in an orchestra, dreams of becoming a singer but circumstances prevent him from being one. He rushes to the hospital and holds his newborn daughter, whom he names Lata, which is the name of famous singer Lata Mangeshkar.

Lata has an excellent voice but is ridiculed because she is overweight. She is a fan of Baby Singh (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), a famous singer, who is tired of her life and wants a break. Prashant’s factory is closed and he starts working as a taxi driver.

One day, coincidentally, Baby Singh travels in Prashant’s taxi. When she asks for water, Prashant mixes sleeping pills in the water bottle. He calls his best friend Adhir (Rajkummar Rao) and tells him that he is kidnapping Baby Singh to release an album of his daughter. After much pleading, Adhir agrees to help him.

During this incident, Adhir and Baby Singh become friends. Adhir finally takes her out and she starts enjoying herself. She also thanks him for bringing her dog, Ustaad, who she considers to be her true friend but problems arise when Prashant sees on TV that the police are aware of Baby Singh’s kidnapping as the watchman of Baby Singh’s house reveals that he saw a man (Adhir) kidnap her dog.

While wearing a mask of Rajnikant, Prashant asks Baby’s director to release an album of his daughter. Lata is excited about her own album, and after recording, she talks about her experience, leading the director to realise that her father is the kidnapper and is the famous Fanney Khan. He recognises him in their next meeting. Prashant finally removes his mask and reveals that he can trust him and his friend Adhir.

Lata replaces Baby Singh as the performer on the reality show India ki Awaaz. Meanwhile, Adhir and Baby are nowhere to be found. Police and TV reporters agree to cast him live with his daughter before she performs. Lata realises that the song she is going to sing was written by her father. She sings and makes her parents feel proud.

Later, a video is released depicting Baby and Adhir in a live-in relationship and on vacation. They both state that they are fans of Lata Sharma. The film ends with the society praising Lata and the hard work done by Prashant to make his daughter a singer.