Aravindan (Vijay), Chandru (Suriya) and Krishnamurthy (Ramesh Khanna) value friendship over everything else, even family. For this reason, Chandru resists the advances of Aravindan’s sister Amutha (Vijayalakshmi). When the trio take up a painter’s job at a mansion, Aravindan falls in love with Padmini (Devayani), who lives there. Padmini’s jealous cousin Abhirami (Abhinayashree) makes him believe that his overtures are reciprocated. When the truth is revealed and Padmini rejects him outright, Chandru stands up for his friend and speaks ill of her. This makes her swear to separate the friends.[2]

After the marriage, Aravindan realises the hand of Abhirami behind all the mishaps, and Padmini too realises Chandru is innocent. Then, Chandru and Amutha’s marriage is arranged. Gautham (Sriman), is Aravindan’s cousin who is in love with Amutha from his young age. He wants to separate the pair. He makes Chandru believe that Padmini is trying to kill Amutha. Padmini is now angry with Chandru. At last Aravindan tells the truth that in their young ages, Chandru’s deaf and mute brother was unknowingly killed by Aravindan. Gautham records this and makes this to be heard by Chandru. Chandru and Aravindan fight and go by their ways. Aravindan tries to convince Chandru, but he falls from the top of a mountain. Chandru believes that Aravindan is dead and feels very much for him. But after five years, he comes to meet Aravindan’s family, only to find out that Aravindan is not dead, but has ended up in coma as a result of the mountain fall. Gautham is now torturing his family a lot. When he comes to know that Chandru has come back, he goes and starts to beat him up. After hearing his beloved friend Chandru’s cry of pain, Aravindan wakes up from his coma. Aravindan beats up Gautham, and everyone rejoins and lives happily.