Govindha Govindha


Somewhere in time between Treta Yuga and Kali Yuga, sage Bhrigu (Gummadi) after performing Lok Kalyana Yaga visits Vaikuntha, and Lord Vishnu (Arun Govil) was reposing on Adisesha with Sri Mahalakshmi in service at his feet. Finding that Lord Vishnu did not notice him, the sage was infuriated and kicked the Lord on His chest, the place where Mahalakshmi (Yamuna) resides. Vishnu, in an attempt to pacify the sage, got hold of the legs of the sage and started to press them gently in a way that was comforting to the sage. During this act, he squeezed the extra eye that was present in the sole of Bhrigu’s foot. The extra eye is believed to represent the sage’s egotism. The sage then realized his grave mistake and apologized to Vishnu. Thereupon, the sage concluded that Lord Vishnu was supreme of the Trimurti and told the rishis the same. Sri Mahalakshmi was angered by the action of Her Lord in apologizing to Bhrigu who committed an offense. Out of anger and anguish, She left Vaikuntha. After the departure of Mahalakshmi, a forlorn Lord Vishnu left Vaikunta, came down to Earth, and took abode in an ant-hill under a tamarind tree, beside a Pushkarini on the Venkata hill, meditating for the return of Lakshmi, without food or sleep. Disturbed with this phenomenon, angels, and Devtas, appeal to Lord Vishnu to bring back goddess Lakshmi to help sustain the Universe, hence In Kali Yuga, Lord Vishnu takes the form of Venkateswara and incarnates on the Earth.

In present-day Bangkok, a Tantric Stavroj (Dhir) believes that by donating a virgin woman’s head to Lord Venkateswara’s crown, he aims to attain supernatural powers through Telekinesis, which would bring down the universe to his feet. The Tantric wizard plans for execution of the theft of the Deity’s Crown at the Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala, India for one million dollars in association with Bombay’s notorious underworld mafia don Paresh, (Paresh Rawal), an experienced burglar known for grave robbery, and smuggling rare metals on the black market. In Bangkok, Naveena, (Sridevi) a non-resident Indian woman, after the death of her parents, and 23 years in the Bangkok, decides to go to her hometown, Tadepalligudem in India to bring back her paternal grandmother to Bangkok. In India, on her vacation to Tirumala, she gets in touch with a Taxi driver (Akkineni Nagarjuna), and establishes a relationship with him. How the couple gets entangled in the underworld criminal nexus, while rescuing the robbery, forms the crux of the plot.

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