Greeku Veerudu


Chandu (Nagarjuna) is a very selfish, self-made and cutthroat businessman in New York who runs a successful Event Organizing Agency and is aided by his uncle Sundar (M. S. Narayana), friends Bharath (Bharath Reddy) and Maya (Meera Chopra). Chandu never believes in relationships and family bonding citing them as a mess to discard. He is always involved in romantic activities with many girls sans commitment. Maya loves Chandu but as fate would have it, She marries Kamaraju (Brahmanandam), an aged yet wealthy doctor to rob his wealth. On the advice of Chandu, she applies for divorce and gets the money from him. However, she realizes that Chandu dumped her and makes a plan to teach him a lesson. She manipulates the terms and conditions of the agreement entered between Chandu and another big businessman PR (Ashish Vidyarthi) regarding organizing a charity show. According to the fraudulent terms since the show was unsuccessful, PR gets every right to recover the whole consignment amount from PR. Chandu lands in financial soup and is desperately in need of Money. Thus, he finally decides to visit his grandparents in India who is hoping to meet him since years.

Chandu recollects his past in the due course. Chandu’s father Sanjay (Sanjay Swaroop) opposed his father Ramachandra Prasad (K. Viswanath) and marries an NRI of his choice only to be expelled from the house. After Chandu was born, Sanjay dies. Ramachandra Prasad visits his daughter-in-law and invites her to come to India. After seeing his Maternal Grandfather insisting his mother to remarry and his mother replying that she can’t do it as she can’t forget Sanjay. She tells to Chandu to not indulge in any relationships in order to avoid the pain and struggle in them. At the airport, he sees Sandhya (Nayantara), a humble doctor who works as a volunteer in Make A Wish Foundation to fulfill the last wishes of the children who are going to die soon. Being a clever scheme maker and soft talker, Chandu becomes friend with Sandhya who is his co-passenger to India. He later goes to his Grandfather’s home and studies the situations there. That family consists of His grandparents, their two daughters, their Husbands who are employees in the company Ramakrishna Prasad runs and their kids. Both the nephews of Ramakrishna Prasad are incapable persons. To avoid some unexpected situations, Chandu lies that he is married. He plans to get 250 million from his father’s trust and is successful. But to transfer such amount proofs should be enclosed that Chandu is married as Ramakrishna Prasad wishes to make Chandu’s wife as one of the trustees of the trust.

To Chandu’s rescue, Sandhya visits their house to meet Chandu in a friendly meeting. However, the photos of both in the airport make the family misunderstand that Sandhya is Chandu’s wife. Chandu takes her to a lonely room and explains the situation. He asks Sandhya to act as his wife in order to save his Grandparents’ life and in turn promises that he would sponsor the three kids who are going to die and are aspiring to make their last wishes come true by Make A Wish Foundation. He also adds that he loved a girl named Maya in New York to avoid further possible complications with Sandhya. Sandhya who is in search of sponsors for the kids accepts his request as it is a noble intention. In the meantime certain incidents Chandu has a change of heart and starts believing in family bonding and relationships and falls in love with Sandhya as he believed that she was the main reason for this change. A scheduled, the fake marriage of Chandu and Sandhya is held by Ramakrishna Prasad and family for the transfer of money and appointment of Sandhya as the trustee. On the day of leaving back to New York, Chandu feels guilty and tells the whole truth to Ramakrishna Prasad including the fact that Sandhya is not his wife. He asks Ramakrishna Prasad to forgive him and leaves with Sandhya. Ramakrishna Prasad is very happy as he feels that the time when Chandu asked him to forgive him, it was the time when he heart fully accepted him albeit their tragic past. Sandhya too leaves back at the New York airport not giving any chance to Chandu to propose her.

In New York, Sandhya plans a secret meeting of Chandu with Maya to reunite them as he told that Maya hated him because of some misunderstandings during their stay in India. There Maya reveals the true colors of Chandu to Sandhya which makes Chandu earn the wrath of Sandhya. Ramakrishna Prasad comes to New York and gives him the necessary amount to clear his debts thus helping he sustain in his business. He advises Chandu to prove Sandhya in their next reunion during the trip of the children by Make A Wish Foundation that he is a changed man now. He accompanies Sandhya and the kids and along with them, Kamaraju re-enters the scene as the doctor of the kids. Chandu leaves no stone unturned to prove that he is a changed man now and is sincerely in love which go vain in front of Sandhya. In order to fulfill the kids’ last wishes, he strives a lot. After fulfilling the second of the 3 wishes, Chandu invites Sandhya for a dinner one day to talk to her which coincidentally marks her birthday. PR arrives at the spot to celebrate Sandhya’s birthday but is infuriated after listening to the rambling story between Chandu and Sandhya. As PR is her elder brother, Sandhya promises to marry the guy he approves and Chandu promises that he himself will never disturb her after the third wish is fulfilled. He risks his life to fulfill the last wish which makes Sandhya believe that Chandu is changed.

To the duo’s surprise, PR welcomes them at the airport with his associate Subrahmanyam (Vennela Kishore) with whom he arranges the marriage with Sandhya on account of his enmity with Chandu. This makes Chandu much grieved and finally goes back to attend the “Seetha Ramula Kalyanam” event held at the temple in his village in India. Though he promised his family members that he would attend along with Sandhya, the truth is only known to Chandu, Ramakrishna Prasad and Sundar, who stays back in that village after he falls in love with a local middle-aged woman. To their surprise, Sandhya arrives with her family and Subrahmanyam’s family. She promises Chandu to accompany him to the Kalyanam event after PR permits her to go after much recent. Kamaraju lands there unexpectedly and he is the brother-in-law of Subrahmanyam. After some comic situations, all of them unite at the Temple where Chandu tells the truth to his entire family. The family is pleased by him and accepts him, Sandhya accepts his love, PR and Subrahmanyam forego the previous plans and let Chandu marry Sandhya. The film ends with Chandu and Sandhya participating happily together as a couple in the Kalyanam event to which their families and rest of the village people attend.