Hum Hain Bemisaal


Tuti Shah murders Kishan to defend his anti-social business and frames Kishan’s friend D’Souza (Pran) for his murder. D’Souza gets life imprisonment. D’Souza’s seven-year-old son Michael (Sunil Shetty) runs away in frustration when his best friend and Kishan’s son Vijay Sinha (Akshay Kumar) also kicks him out for being the son of his father’s murderer. Time passes away. D’Souza comes out from jail and meets the Father of the church. The Father informs him that he could not trace his son Michael, but according to his wish, he had made a Police Inspector of his friend Kishan’s son Vijay Sinha, with help of the money he used to send from the jail. D’Souza decides to bring the truth of the murder of Vijay Sinha’s father to his knowledge by getting Tuti Shah arrested. At the same time, Tuti Shah comes to know about deprived Michael and his sympathy and attachment towards the poor. He blackmails Michael emotionally and gets his rival Bakhshi Jang Bahadur killed by Michael. During his attack, a hotel dancer Maria, (Madhoo) loses her eyesight by the flames of Michael’s pistol. Michael himself feels responsible for this accident and without disclosing his identity, starts helping and taking care of Maria. Both fall in love with each other. Now the motto of Michael’s life is to get Maria’s eyesight back. Tuti Shah again blackmails Michael emotionally. He offers him money for the operation of Maria’s eyes and asks him to kill another Inspector, Dharam Das in exchange. But in this deal, Tuti Shah deceives Michael. On the other side, Inspector Vijay Sinha is chasing Michael for both the murders and wants to arrest the mafia don Tuti Shah also. To defend a pick pocket Meena (Shilpa Shirodkar) from hoodlums, Inspector Vijay Sinha himself falls in love with her. Inspector Vijay Sinha arrests Tuti Shah red-handed, but fails to do anything against him as a lawman. He resigns from his service and decides to eliminate Tuti Shah. Now D’Souza, Michael and Vijay Sinha are on one side and Tuti Shah and his personal army on the other side.