Humble Politician Nograj


Nograj is an extremely dishonest Corporator of a fictitious constituency called DS Nagar, whose MLA Jagatprabhu F Kumar aka JFK treats corporators as his servants. After blackmailing several corporators in his party, they create a parking scam and overthrow JFK. Nograj asks for an election ticket but his party secretary tells him that he has to rise in popularity. After various antics to get noticed by the party heads, he gets the highly-coveted election ticket.

Arun Patil, an honest NRI leading a new company sees his hometown of Bangalore in shambles and decides to run for the elections. He quickly gains popularity and talks to people honestly and educates them about the power of voting unlike Nograj and his bribes.

Nograj invents a story of Patil molesting women but Patil's good deeds outshine it. He eventually meets Patil in his house and gets smitten by him. After Monjunath, his faithful assistant brings him back to reality, they create a story where Patil beats him up which quickly gains media presence

Patil's co-workers tell him to release a video of Nograj's breaking into the former's office but he decides not to and remain integral. At the announcement of results, Nograj wins but tricks Patil into thinking that he will resign and takes back the post.

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