Jilebi is the down to earth story about a sour-sweet confrontation between a village youngster Sreekuttan and his city-bred nephews. Sreekuttan, the young-but-not-very-young native hero, has his life happily confined to his farm and his pet crops. Far away, in the city of Dubai, trouble brews for him in the form of a family crisis. He is forced to take up a responsibility he hates – to take responsibility of two Dubai-bred kids who are coming home. The kids simply hate leaving Dubai. They hate uncle Sreekuttan too. The kids are determined to make life miserable for Sreekuttan and others so that they are put on a flight back to Dubai. Sree is even more determined to teach the kids some native lessons.

Sreekkuttan is a typical Malayali farmer who leads a simple and traditional life at his home with his mother, uncle and aunt. He is not exposed to modern day urban life and is a rustic and honest person. Silpa, daughter of Sreekkuttan's uncle Chandradas, is in Dubai with her two children – Pachu and Ammu. Silpa is the Executive Head at a leading ad firm based in Dubai. She leads a very posh and modern life in Dubai. Silpa sends her children to the village to study and live with her father. But the children find it difficult to adjust to the life in the village. Sreekkuttan is in charge of them. But the ways of Sreekkuttan and the children are poles apart that soon Sreekkuttan finds the children a burden Finally it is decided to send them to a school in Kodaikkanal. It is Sreekkuttan's responsibility to take them to Kodaikkanal. The journey is a life changing moment for both Sreekkuttan and the children.