Kariyilakkattu Pole


Achuthan Kutty (Mohanlal) is a police officer investigating the murder of a famous writer and film director Hairkrishnan (Mammootty). On finding a slipper and handkerchief at the crime spot, the police suspect the murderer to be a woman. From talking to Harikrishnan’s estranged wife (Jalaja) they come to know that he had had several extra-marital affairs. Achuthan shares details of the investigation to his brother Anilkumar (Rahman) and Anil’s girlfriend Shilpa (Karthika), a devout fan of Harikrishnan. The investigation proceeds to Parvathy (Unnimary), an old colleague of Harikrishnan’s, who is now at a Hindu convent. After trying to suppress facts and unconvinced by the answers she gives Achuthan arrests her. Reading the newspaper article about the arrest, Shilpa tells Achuthan that she knows Parvathy as an old time friend of her mother (Sripriya). This leads to surprising revelations that link a lot more people to the investigation.

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