Krishnarjuna Yudham


Krishna and Arjun Jayaprakash aka Arjun(Nani) are lookalikes hailing from akkurthi village in Chittoor and the other from Prague, respectively. While the former is a happy go lucky individual, the latter is a rockstar and a play boy . Krishna loves his village president’s(Naagineedu) grand daughter Riya (Ruksar Meer) a doctor and Arjun loves a traditional Indian girl called Subbalakshmi (Anupama parameswaran) who is a wild life photographer works in Hidden planet. In the village Riya also falls for Krishna and their relationship which is came to know Riya’s grandfather and send her to Hyderabad forcefully. After knowing this Krishna also follows her to Hyderabad. Meanwhile Subbalakshmi hates Arjun because of his playboyish nature and in a certain incident her professional camara was damaged by his friend cum manager brammaji (brammaji) which contains a rare photograph. Then after that Arjun realises he really loves her and tries to convince her in her aunt’s (Devadarshini) house but she thinks it is one of his tricks to fall for him and hates him more. Then she leaves prague and goes to India. Arjun also came to India through following her. Meanwhile in Hyderabad they both were kidnapped by a trafficking gang who are sending to Dubai in their respective travel places. After reaching Hyderabad Krishna and Arjun came to know that they were not reached at home then Arjun finds one of the trafficking gang member with the help of a constable called Shankar(prabhas srinu) while in the chase Arjun meets Krishna accidentally (even krishna also thinks samely and came to find the clue in the bus station where riya was missed he observes a gold chain from a flower sellar which is gifted to riya by his mother and chases to reach him) and decides to work together. They came to know that there are still 48 hours left to find them out after that they may shift them to Dubai. With a clue they find out the gang’s hideout but they escapes from them later they observe the surroundings and find out that they hide girls in different places in the city and understands that they need 10 more girls for their business. To find them out Arjun makes a plan i.e to give a concert in the city and Krishna wants to look an eye on them to find the traffickers. The plan was successful Krishna finds out a trafficker called gani but in a fight Krishna kills gani accidentally. Krishna warns the traffickers boss to kill him soon. Meanwhile traffickers boss makes a plan to split the gang and escapes soon. After knowing the situation Arjun quarels with Krishna and decides to work separately. Then Krishna calls his friend(vidyullekha raman) who works in a call center (earlier Krishna tries to flirt her every night calling to the call center then that’s how they became friends.) with the help of her he find outs a call which traces to shaikpet. In shaikpet he recognised a secret hideout called ‘leela palace’ when he tries to enter it was stopped by pooja (pooja ramachandran) one of Arjun’s former girlfriend who is Suddenly escaping from her marraige and started to pleads Krishna thinks he is Arjun to marry her. In the sudden circumstances the gang escapes from the place. Meanwhile Arjun and shanker find out a murder case who involved by the human traffickers then they came to know that a rare drug called ‘rosemay’ which has been dotted to girls to make them sex slaves and finally causes mental traumas and provoke to commit suicide. Then Arjun remembers the drug name in a pub which locates in Prague in one of his romantic encounters with Subbalakshmi. With the help of brahmaji he finds out a drug dealer which supplies rosemay in Hyderabad and threatens to kill him then the peddlar gives an other lead in puranapul. There he recognises the other secret hide out in the area but suddenly Arjun was kidnapped by Krishna’s foe who is a MLA’s son in their village for want to kill him on thinking that he is Krishna but suddenly Arjun was rescued by Krishna in vikarabad forest. Then Arjun quarels again with Krishna and blames because of his attitude he lost subbalakshmi. Then Krishna reveals that he saved subbalakshmi from the traffickers after successful escape from pooja. Then Arjun recouncils with Subbalakshmi and she eventually accepts him. Arjun and Krishna bonds a friendship between them. Then the trio hales towards to goa seaport with a clue given by Subbalakshmi which the time remaining is less. They reached the seaport and find out that the Dubai ship has been left 2 hours ago. Then Arjun bought a Royal boat which worth of 15 crores and the trio chases the ship and finally a fight ensues between them in the ship Arjun find out Riya and saves her from the traffickers. Then in the fight Krishna Kills all traffickers and saves the other girls from them and inform it to the Goa police. Then after one month Krishna’s wedding reception is going with Riya in his village and Arjun gives a programme in the wedding with Subbalakshmi then Arjun offers a job as his programme manager to Krishna then they decide to share there half of the income to the NGOs who works victims of women trafficking. Finally they married their loved ones and happily lived ever after.

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