Kutty Srank


Kutty Srank is a 2010 Indian Malayalam film.

Kutty Srank is a film about a mariner who operates a cargo vessel near the sea port of Kodungalloor near Kochi, once a roaring port town in Kerala. One day, the local police station discovers an unidentified body that has washed ashore. A Budhist nun, Revamma, comes forward to claim that she can identify the rotten body, and she recognizes it as that of one kutti Srank. Police inquire her relationship with kutti Srank. Meanwhile, another Latin Christian woman, Pemenna, too claims to recognize the dead man. Both women assure the investigators that the body is that of kutti Srank. Finally a mute woman, Kali, joins them and seeks permission to see the corpse. She, however, rejects the claim made by the other women and argues that the body is not that of kutti Srank. Pemmanna identifies Kali and tells Revamma that Kali is kutti Srank’s wife. Eventually each woman shares her acquaintance and relation with kutti Srank. Kutty Srank ultimately leaves behind a story of a man who convinced three very different women that he was a committed and faithful husband while successfully keeping his relation with the other two women a secret.

The film is structurally divided into four different settings, three of which are set in north, mid and south Kerala, respectively. The fourth is a hyper-link set in a police station. The script featured various visual and thematic elements to delineate the three primary sub-plots in both spatial and temporal dimensions, connected through the protagonist. The major devices used for achieving this separation were moods and emotions expressed by the character, nature of female protagonists, time-period, geographical locations, religious & social landscapes and seasons.