Megham is a 1999 Malayalam musical comedy film.

Megham tells the story of a colonel who visists a village and fall in love with a village girl. Col. Ravivarma Thampuran visits the home village of his subordinate Mani where he finds and eventually fall in love with a girl named Meenakshi. But later he came to know that she was engaged with Mani. He then decides to unite the two, resisting opposition from both the families. Pooja Batra plays the role of Ravivarma’s divorcee. We see Ravivarma Thampuran first trying to cope with his split with his wife. He expresses his anger on Mani. Mani talks highly of his village and Ravivarma Thampuran decides to spend his vacation there. He meets this village girl and falls for her instantaneously. Then the story takes a ugly turn when Ravivarma Thampuran cancels the leave order given by Mani when he learns that Meenakshi is in love with Mani.