Five long time friends, all of whom are hearing and speech impaired as a result of Mercury poisoning, come together for their high school reunion. But, a moment of mischief and misfortune during the after-party puts them on a one way road to hell.

Every year at ‘Hope School for the Differently Abled’, a Memorial Day is held to pay respects to the 84 lives lost due to Mercury poisoning from the town’s once-functioning thermometer factory. A generation of survivors, maimed by the poisoning, gather to commemorate the dead. On that day, former students of the school and long time friends, Michael, John, Vinay, Ram and Meera, hearing and speech impaired by Mercury poisoning, reunite after a couple of years. That night they celebrate their coming together with a loud and flashy party. Michael, who’d nursed a silent and unrequited crush on Meera, decides to confess his love to her that night. Having decided that the town’s clifftop would be the perfect setting to tell her, he drives Meera and the other boys there later that night. But an unfortunate moment of mischief leads to a series of events that challenges their existence and chases them down on the road to hell.