Middle Class Abbayi


A middle class boy Nani (Nani) with a photographic memory stays at his uncle’s (Naresh) house at Hyderabad. One day, when he was forced by them to return to his brother’s(Rajiv Kanakala) house, he refuses as he dislikes his sister-in-law Jyothi(Bhumika Chawla) who works at RTO Office. He is again forced to move to Warangal with his sister-in-law because of her transfer.She asks him to do all the house-hold work and he keeps sharing his woes with his aunt.

There, he meets a woman named Pallavi aka Chinni at the bus stop. He is shocked when the woman (Sai Pallavi) proposes him. After meeting a few times, they start dating. Nani soon comes to know that Pallavi is his sister-in-law’s cousin after she comes to live with them and he also comes to know that she had fallen for him four years ago,during his brother’s wedding. They continue to meet secretly, until Jyothi finds this out and sends her away from him.

During the same time, Jyothi seizes two buses with same number that belong to Shiva Shakti Travels, which is owned by a gangster named Warangal Shiva (Vijay Varma). He wants the vehicles to be released, but she refuses. After Nani knows the truth about his sister-in-law from his uncle that Jyothi plans to sell her land to get Nani settled and get him married to Pallavi, he immediately rushes to Jyothi’s office to apologize. There, he comes across Shiva who stands pointing a gun at Jyothi. He gets beaten by Nani. Everything changes from then, and how Nani saves Jyothi from Shiva and gets his love back forms.

At the end, Shiva kidnaps Jyothi and hides her in Shiva Shakti travels bus .He gives Nani a clue that the story will end where it started. Nani and his friends search for her because shiva had shot himself due to which the blood flowed into his brain sending him into a coma. Pallavi tells him that he alone can find her,Nani remembers that she seized buses with the same number. Nani finds shiva’s shoe has tar which is laid on roads. Nani finds that he hid the second bus in shiva shakthi godown he finds jyothi in the luggage compartment and admits her in hospital. Shiva wakes from coma and loses his memory and finally begins a new life.

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