Mrigaya is a 1989 Malayalam film about a leopard hunter in Kerala.

Mrigaya’s story revolves around a village which is frequently attacked by a leopard. The priest who is also like the headman of the village decides to call a hunter. The hunter whom they wanted died, so his son Varunni comes to the village. Varunni is a womaniser and steals the villager’s cattle for food and alcohol. So the villagers hated him and they also decided to get him out of the village. However they couldn’t get him out of the village. Only Bhagyalaxmi befriended him. Once when Bhagyalaxmi and Varunni were having a chat, Bhagyam’s friend Thomaskutty sees it. He gets angry and starts fighting with Varunni. During the encounter Thomaskutty slips and falls from the hill. This made Varunni guilty. He confesses to the priest and he starts to have a soft corner to him. He advises Varunni to become a good man. He becomes good and starts to help Thomaskutty’s family as well as the village. Meanwhile,the leopard again comes to the village and Varunni couldn’t kill it, as he shot it on its leg. The preparation of Thomaskutty’s sister Annamma betrothal was going on, but the groom at the last minute leaves the bethrothal. So the priest asks Varunni to marry her. But this makes Bhagyalaxmi jealous. At the eve of the wedding, she tells Annamma that Varunni had killed Thomaskutty. On the wedding day in front of the villagers, Annamma asks Varunni if he killed Thomaskutty. Varunni admits the guilt and walks to his home. On reaching his home he finds out that his dog barking and thinks that it has rabies and he shoots the dog. However he spots the leopard and realizes that his dog did not have rabies and instead it was barking at the leopard. Now, he has to fight the leopard without the gun. He kills the leopard with an axe. The villagers celebrate the death of the leopard. However, Annamma comes with the police and Varunni gets arrested. While sitting in the police car, Bhagyam asks Varunni to come to the village after his punishment. But before he could promise the car leaves.