Nibunan (English: Expert) is a 2017 Indian Tamil movie. The film was simultaneously in Tamil and Kannada, the latter as Vismaya (English: Amazing) . The film will also be released in Telugu as Kurukshetram.


Nibunan plot includes a devoted as well as intelligent cop Ranjith Kalidoss and his juniors Joseph, and Vandana who go about solving the case of a serial killer. The killer sends a doll to Kalidoss, with the head of a goat on a man’s body. The serial killer’s first victim is a communist leader, and attaches the head of a Cow on his head. Murderer brutally tortures and murders a lady doctor, politician and lawyer with the masks of lion, bull and tiger. They struggle to track the murderer, but a couple of more murders occur in an alike style, with captivating modus operandi following it. They some way chink things one by one, and at one end, Ranjith finds out who the next victim is going to be. And he has a motive to consider in his theory, which comes as a surprise to his assistants as well as senior officials.

In the meantime, Ranjith undergoes from Parkinsons disease, and it starts taking a toll on his career. His wife daughter, and brother is with him to take excellent care. The murderer follows the activities of Ranjith and lineup and is on a killing spree, always parting hint for the next murder. The group lastly goes after a case which was halted a few years ago after they find a connection surrounded by the happenings in the past. It turns out that Ranjith was responsible for handling the case of architect Emmanuel  who killed his servant  for having affair with his daughter and daughter also sacrifices her life. Emmanuel and his wife  commits suicide because of immense pressure from law.

The psychotic killer revealed to be Christopher, nephew of Emmanuel who has committed all the murders thinking that all of these people were responsible for the death of the couple whom they treated him as his own son. In the end, Ranjith kills Christopher in the same way he had murdered.