Oomapenninu uriyadapayyan


Oomappenninu Uriyadappayyan is a 2002 Malayalam romantic drama film. The plot concerns the love between a poor mute man and a deaf-mute girl who elopes from her family. They face problems from a corrupt police officer who wants to molest the girl.

Gopika is the young princess of the Palace. Though she has all the wealth in the world, she has something missing. She is deaf and dumb. Bobby is a painter born and brought up in a poor family. Though he can’t speak, he can hear. Gopika has a liking towards him. But when the palace knows about it, they arrange another wedding for Gopika with her cousin, Shyam. But Shyam is interested only in the wealth, that Gopika is going to get inherited. Shyam attempts to rape Gopka, before their wedding and Gopika decides to elope with Bobby. They run to Ootty, where more villains are after them. Bobby and Gopika take shelter at a gypsy’s place. Shyam, learning that Gopika and Boby are at Ootty, reaches there in search of them

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