Oral Mathram


Oral Mathram is a 1997 Malayalam film.

Shekhara Menon is retired income tax officer from Mumbai and has now settled in a remote village in kerala. He owns some land and a house where he and his three daughters live together and leads a clam, silent and happy life. Menon owns a smaller house adjacent to his own which is given for rent, and his source of income other that agricultural income. Mr. Menon’s Pension from service has been blocked due to some unclear issues. Hareendran is a struggling small time contractor and comes in as a new tenant to the rented house. Hareendran is constantly put under unwanted troubles by his aide Balachandran, who convinces Hareendran to help people in trouble. His experience with balachandran has made Hareendran a selfish man and he presently is least concerned about other peoples problems around him. But the things take a change after Menon goes absconding leaving three daughters alone in the house. Hareendran the selfish tenant quickly decides to vacate the house to avoid unwanted troubles. Even though selfish and unkind outside, the good hearted Hareendran cannot stand the harsh difficulties forced to be faced by the girls in front of his house and rest of the story is about how Hareendran becomes the sole guardian (Oral Mathram) of the girls.