The story revolves around Chinna (Suriya), a village youth who receives sympathy because he is a hunchback and is lauded for selfless service to others. He covers up his handicap with humor. Unmindful of his looks, Chinna goes around looking for a suitable bride with the help of his friend Kuzhandhaisamy (Vivek). Brushing aside many insults hurled at him, he carries on.

In contrast is Karthik (Surya), a violent college student who madly loves his classmate Priya (Jyothika). She meets Chinna, who assures her that he would get her married to the man of her dreams. However, she is killed in a fracas involving Varadhan (Bobby), a gangster, where she was hit and kicked brutally as Varadhan wanted to take revenge against Priya’s father DCP Nair (Devan), who arrested him. Karthik and Chinna saw this but Varadhan told him that he will get killed if he tells anyone what he saw. Karthik is framed as Priya’s killer and gets arrested, but Chinna pleads Nair and tells the truth behind Priya’s murder. Meanwhile, Chinna comes across an orphaned, poor, blind girl Shenbagam (Jyothika). He wins over her heart by helping her out when her brother (Thalaivasal Vijay) died.

Thanks to his efforts, she gains her vision (Priya’s eyes are transplanted to her). This results in a tussle between Chinna and Karthik as to whom Shenbagam now belongs. However, fearing his looks, Chinna decides to give way to Karthik and ends up staying in a temple where Kuzhandhaiasamy finds him and brings him to Shenbagam. Shenbagam doesn’t care of looks and accepts him. Before their marriage, Varadhan returns to avenge Chinna. Karthik remembers Priya and avenges her death by killing Varadhan. Karthik approves Chinna and Shenbagam’s wedding before being sent to jail. The film ends with the couple spending their honeymoon in Ooty.