Major Jaidev “Jai” Rajvansh (Anil Kapoor) and his fellow officer manage to rescue a leading politician as well as capture his kidnapper, Abhrush (Danny Denzongpa). The terrorist has been wanted for years and he is finally captured by the two officers. Jai returns to a joyous welcome and is declared a national hero. He takes a break from the army and returns to his hometown. There he meets his childhood friend Anjali (Madhuri Dixit) who has always harboured love for Jai. Anjali wants to make most of Jai’s holiday and tries to get close to him and spend time with him as much as she can.

At a party, he meets the then Miss India, Pooja Mallapa (Namrata Shirodkar). As they spend more time together, they begin to fall in love. In the mean time, Jai’s parents are arranging his marriage to Anjali but when they find out about Jai’s love for Pooja, they realise that they have to tell Anjali everything. Anjali, heartbroken and jealous wants revenge as Jai rejected her. Realising her frustration with Jai, Abrush takes advantage (via the said “kidnapped” politician who is hand in glove with Abrush) and together they plot to destroy Jai’s reputation and life.

Anjali manages to steal certain important secret documents detailing plans for Abrush’s movement from prison to prison. The following events lead to Jai being court martialed and he is declared a traitor to the country. Pooja leaves him alone due to family pressure. Jai, determined to prove his innocence and redeem himself, decides to pursue Abrush alone. Ultimately Anjali comes to her senses and realises her mistake. To atone for it, she single-handedly tries to thwart Abhrush’s plans and help Jai prove his innocence. Jai overpowers Abhrush. Finally Jai expresses his love for Anjali and forgives her and both unite to live happily ever after.