Pullipuliyum Aattin Kuttiyum


Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum is a 2013 Malayalam love story set in the backdrop of Kuttanad giving prominence value of life and familial relationships.

Chakkattutharayil is a middle class family in Kuttanad. Madhaviamma of Chakkattutharayil has four sons – Maniyan, Vijayan, Suku, and Gopan. The three elder brothers are hooligans. The youngest Gopan is a scapegoat to all the troubles created by the three brothers. Gopan is the owner of a house boat. He is in love with Kainakary Jayashree, daughter of Kainakary Revathy. Jayashree performs various entertainment programs before the foreigners who reach Kuttanad.

Gopan realizes that without taming his brothers, whom he considers pullipulikal, his life will not run smoothly. Gopan tries hard to attain this aim. The movie narrates the humorous incidents that take place in the course of Gopan’s attempts to free himself from his brothers.

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