Raja The Great


Lucky (Mehreen Pirzada) is a very protected and pampered daughter of a sincere police officer SP Prakash (Prakash Raj). In one of his operations, Prakash encounters a powerful rowdy sheeter Devaraj’s (Vivan Bhatena) brother for which Lucky was one of the reasons. The angered Devaraj wants revenge and in the attack, Prakash gets killed and he also targets Lucky. Upset with this, Lucky runs away to Darjeeling and hides in her father’s friend Prasad’s (Rajendra Prasad) house to evade an attempt on her life. Now the police department looks out for a special team with an objective of security guard for Lucky.

On the other hand, Raja (Ravi Teja), a blind man, who’s trained by his head constable mother Anantha Lakshmi (Raadhika) to use his disability to his advantage and her ambition is to make him a police officer. Ananta Lakshmi obliges with I.G. (Sampath Raj) to include her blind son in the mission after few incidents take place he agrees to send him but only to cook food for other officers. Raja with his friend Bujji (Srinivas Reddy) and three others go to Darjeeling. Raja meets lucky and starts changing the depressed lucky into the happy mood with few tricks. Meanwhile, he also solves Prasad’s problem. Lucky comes out of depression and starts celebrating life with the help of Raja. Meanwhile, Devraj gets to know where Lucky is and orders his goons to attack her. Knowing this I.G. and his team comes to protect Lucky by sending her abroad but Raja tells her Don’t run away let’s fight, but I.G. neglects him and takes lucky away. Devraj’s goons attack I.G. & his team on the way and try to kill Lucky but to everyone’s surprise, Raja (who was trained in sword fight and Karate since childhood) rescues them by defeating goons.

Lucky gains confidence in Raja agrees to stay with him and fight back. Lucky and Raja go to her uncle’s house, but her saddest uncles do not accept her initially. Raja teaches them a lesson and changes them. On Lucky’s birthday, she gets to know what was her father wish (To educate poor girls by adopting them) and makes her father’s wish as her ambition. Meanwhile, Devraj sends goons again but Raja defeats them. Raja challenges Devraj to come and meet him. Devraj comes to Lucky’s house with his goons. Raja shows what he is and gives him a strong warning not to trouble Lucky again. Devraj kidnaps Raja’s mother and Lucky. Raja, however, saves his mother and Lucky with his intelligence. Later, Lucky proposes to Raja.

Raja while escaping from Devraj’s factory when he comes to rescue kidnapped lucky along with his friend Bujji, gathers evidence of Devraj’s criminal and illegal activities which allows police to arrest Devraj. When the police come with a warrant, Devraj insults and underestimates Raja, which made Anantha Lakshmi angry and made a challenge with Devaraj to fight against her son. Raja fights with Devraj and defeat him but doesn’t kill him. IG encounter’s Devraj and involves Raja in future police operations. Raja and Lucky get married and live happily ever after.