Raju Gadu


Suryanarayana is a respected person in a village who hates thieves a lot. If he catches a thief he will cut his hand. So in his house, his trusted servant anji works. Anji is loyal to suryanarayana. But one day due to anji’s greed he steals away the ornaments for god and gets caught. Anji’s wife pleads suryanarayana to leave him. Suryanarayana instructs anji to get out of village for 25 years.

25 years later……….

Raju is a kleptomanaic ie., a disease that he has a habit to steal things without his own knowledge. Raju’s father runs a super market in Hyderabad. When raju was in childhood a doctor called Dr.Saima has pledged to cure his disease by inventing medicine and has been trying ever since funnily and unsuccessful. Raju has constant break-ups with girls because of his disease and one day a girl Vennela finds about it and warns him that he should not love any girl else she will disclose the truth. So Raju accidentally runs into Tanvi, a college going girl. From there on he starts covering his disease with various funny reasons and thereby winning the love of Tanvi.

After few hilarious incidents, the parents of Tanvi agree with the marriage. But here the twist is Tanvi’s father is the son of suryanarayana.

After entering into the village and more funny incidents raju makes everyone believe that kleptomanic is his father’s disease.

Parallely a group of terrorists are searching for raju as he had unknowingly stole their bomb which was to blasted for a contract of 100 crores. So the terrorist group tries to follow him wherever he is.

One day… Anji arrives to the village. Now he is a No.1 businessman in footwear business. He has a lot of revenge on suryanarayana. So he plans to steal the ornaments of god and put the blame on suryanarayana, but raju comes in between and accepts that he has stolen the jewels. Lingaraju is also kidnapped because he saw anji’s men stealing jewels.

Anji and terrorists meet and strike a deal coincdentally, that to provide ornaments for them in exchange for the bomb which is in raju’s towel

So raju searches for the real culprits and finally proves that Anji tried to take revenge on suryanarayana. So suryanarayana happily accepts the marriage of his grand daughter.

In the meanwhile raju unknowingly steals the trigger mobile and accdientally lifts the phone, so all terrorists die in the blast.

In the post credits….raju steals the mangalasutra unknowingly and everybody laughs