During childhood, Aman (Sanjay Dutt) is an impoverished and lame orphan who is luckily befriended and adopted by a very wealthy family headed by Mr. Varma. Mr. Varma has one son called Akash (Salman Khan).

As Akash and Aman grow up as brothers, they bond very closely. Akash’s personality is more care-free, flexible, gregarious and he turns into a Roadside Romeo, and a womaniser, while Aman grows up to be more of a serious-type person, and has a fond hobby of writing marvellous poems which are successfully published and turn into best-sellers, all under the pen name Sagar.

Gradually, Aman becomes popular and well-known all around town and has millions of fans. One of his fans is a pretty young woman by the name of Pooja Saxena (Madhuri Dixit), who frequently writes letters to correspond with her idol – Sagar. In her letters, she writes of how much she admires him, is in love with him and his poetic abilities and even wishes to meet him one day if possible… which she does, but does not recognise him, but he recognises her.

One day, as a twist of fate, none other than Akash meets Pooja (and being the vivacious womaniser) falls head over heels in love with her.

When Akash meets Aman in private, he explains to his brother Aman that this time he is REALLY in love – and discloses a photo of Pooja. Aman is shocked and shaken at this, as he also was head over heels in love with Pooja, but now in order to help his brother, to reciprocate his feelings in an attempt to help Aman, suggests to Akash to pose as Sagar.

At this point, Akash does not know that his brother Aman writes poems under name of Sagar.

When Akash does this, Pooja is fooled and overjoyed that she has met her idol finally. Little does she know that the one posing as Sagar is Akash (Aman’s younger brother). She is not aware that Aman is sacrificing his love for his younger brother.

An insecure and heartbroken Aman looks on, as he knows that many fans (including women) like his poetry, but they will never come out openly and love him when they see his handicap.

Gradually, Akash gets really tired of posing as a poet, he messes up the lines many times! Also, Akash discovers that Aman truly loves Pooja and that his brother, is actually Sagar – through a string of events triggered by a Pankaj Udhas show.

Finally, Akash musters up enough courage and comes to his senses about what is going on… he confronts Aman (and brings Pooja with him secretly) with all the above and then Aman admits that he loves Pooja.

Pooja witnesses this encounter (behind a curtain) and then after Aman confesses that he loves Pooja (his fan) very much, Pooja comes out of hiding and becomes upset with both Akash and Aman and leaves their house in an emotional frenzy, confused about this whole fiasco.

Later, after about a month or so, she meets up with Aman and tells him that she still can’t forget him, and that she would have loved him if he had revealed the truth that he is Sagar and cries a lot on his shoulder. Eventually, Aman and Pooja become friends, then become true lovers and then they decide to marry, while Akash finds another woman to flirt and enjoy life with.