Salt N' Pepper


Salt N’ Pepper is a 2011 Malayalam romantic comedy film.

The film Salt and Pepper follows the love stories of two couples. The main characters are: Kalidasan, an archaeologist; Maya, a dubbing artiste; Meenakshi, an IELTS student; Man, a happy-go-lucky management graduate; and Babu, Kalidasan’s chef. Food plays an important role in the story and the tagline of the film is Oru Dosa Undakkiya Katha (“The story born out of a Dosa”).

Kalidasan works in the state archaeological department in Thiruvananthapuram and is a food lover. His only companion is his cook, Babu. Manu Raghav is Kalidasan’s nephew who comes to stay with him, while looking for a job. Kalidasan has a normal life until he gets a mis-dialed phone call from Maya, a dubbing artiste living with her friend Meenakshi. Maya rings to order a special Dosa (named “Thattil Kutti Dosa” in the film) from a restaurant, but gets Kalidasan instead. Their conversations do not go well at first, but a long-distance romance develops due to their common interest—cooking and food. Kalidasan is a born gourmet while Maya is indulging in culinary activities in memory of her dead mother. Kalidasan starts to let Maya into the secrets of baking with a multi-layered cake called “Joan’s Rainbow”. Kalidasan and Maya both get the jitters before their first face-to-face meeting, as each becomes conscious of their own physical appearances, and both decide to send younger and better looking substitutes instead, Manu and Meenakshi. When they meet, neither Manu nor Meenkashi realize that the other person is a substitute, since they introduce themselves as Kalidasan and Maya respectively. Manu thinks that Kalidasan is actually in love with Meenakshi, while Meenakshi thinks that Maya is in love with Manu. They attempt to sabotage their older counterpart’s relationship by telling Kalidasan and Maya respectively that the person they met would be unsuitable for them. Kalidasan and Maya try to forget each other, but fail, and they decide to call each other and meet anyway. Manu and Meenakshi, who by this time had started to develop feelings for each other, are dejected upon hearing this and decide to leave the city so that their older counterpart may have a good relationship. However, they discover the truth and each others’ real identities during a chance encounter with a common acquaintance Pooja at the railway station. Thus Manu and Meenakshi calls Kalidasan and Maya respectively and narrate all the incidents unknown to them. Kalidasan and Maya meet each other and their relationship begins.