Shikari is a bilingual film in Kannada and Malayalam. The film is written and directed by Abhay Simha. It stars Mammootty and Poonam Bajwa in the lead, with Aditya, Mohan and Innocent doing other major roles. The film is the Kannada debut of Megastar Mammootty, and also the Malayalam debut of director Abhay Simha and music director V. Harikrishna. Both Mammooty and Poonam Bajwa play double roles, set in two different timelines.

Abhijith is a software engineer. He chances upon a manuscript of a novel titled as ‘Shikari’. The novel presents the story about a revolutionary hero from a pre-independence India. As it starts unfolding the heroics of the revolutionary, it also starts narrating a tender love story between the revolutionary and the daughter of the British officer Renuka. But then the story stops abruptly there as the rest of the pages from the novel are missing. By now Abhijith is so intrigued by the novel that he sets out on a journey to find more about the novel. He wants to know the story in the novel was real. If so, he wants to visit some living characters from the novel.

Abhijith’s hunt for the novel and its characters begins a hunt within himself. Even after half a century of independence of India, are we really independent? Aren’t we still under colonial ruling? Abhijith stands on the bridge between reality and imagination. This is the place of introspection. Thus the film becomes the hunt within all of us.