Shubh Mangal Savdhan


The story is about Mudit Sharma (Ayushmann Khurrana), a Gurgaon Boy in a marketing job, who falls in love with Sugandha (Bhumi Pednekar). Shy of nature, Mudit tries all the possible ways to talk with her but fails. Finally, he decides to send her an online marriage proposal. After meeting, both realize that they love each other and decide to get married.

But one day, when Sugandha’s parents are out of town, Mudit and Sugandha try becoming intimate and when they finally land in bed, Mudit says that he needs to use the washroom. But when he comes out, he takes his shirt, wears it and starts to leave. When Sugandha asks what happened, he without saying anything, simply signals his problem with the help of a biscuit, making Sugandha realize that he experienced¬†erectile dysfunction.

Mudit and Sugandha try different ways to solve the problems but fail, and when Mudit senses the marriage is near, he decides to cancel it. They both get into a heated argument and Sugandha leaves saying that she will be waiting for him and Baraat.

Eventually, Mudit along with his relatives, leaves for Haridwar, where the marriage is scheduled to take place. In the journey, Mudit constantly receives calls from someone stating that he is his well-wisher and knows about his problem. When he reaches Haridwar, Sugandha picks up the phone, scolds and abuses the unknown person, and suddenly realizes, that the well-wisher is Sugandha’s father.

When Mudit and his future father-in-law consult a veterinarian, the doctor just informs him that it’s all because of stress. ‘Don’t take tension and the problem will be solved’, the doctor suggests. The day before the marriage, again Sugandha and Mudit try getting intimate in order to check. As they come out of the room, they find every family member waiting excitedly about whether they succeeded in getting intimate or not. Mudit says that he had an erection but Sugandha said he didn’t. The families again get worried.

At last, they get married. In the ending narration, Sugandha says that nothing happened on the first night or their honeymoon and then, they just get busy with their lives. And finally, some religious ceremony is going on and at that moment, Mudit calls Sugandha inside the room. They hug each other and land in bed and it’s implied that finally the marriage is consummated.

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