Sirf Tum


This is a strange one-of-a-kind story between two pen pals who eventually fall in love – with each other! Deepak Rai (Sanjay Kapoor) comes across a purse that contains educational certificates belonging to a woman named Aarti (Priya Gill). He finds out that this lady lives in Nainital and mails her stuff back to her, this starts an enduring correspondence through letters.

Even though the couple have never seen each other, there is a mutual attraction. Aarti’s sister and brother-in-law Nirmal (Tej Sapru) are encouraging to a certain extent. While Nirmal suggests she marry a Mr. Prem (Salman Khan), a renowned young businessman in his neighborhood and business-partner, Aarti’s older sis wants Aarti to choose her own life partner.

One day, Aarti starts out on her journey to locate and meet Deepak without informing him that she is on her way. He is currently living in Delhi as he has a job contract with his boss Neha there temporarily. Not helping matters is Neha (Sushmita Sen), who is Deepak’s boss and romantically inclined to him too, but Deepak is not. His heart pines for Aarti.

During the correspondence, a few months back, Aarti had gifted Deepak a woolen sweater with an image of a “lighted diya” knitted over it. When Aarti arrives at Delhi, she looks for Deepak’s address and workplace hoping she can meet him unaware and surprise him with her presence and see what he is really like. She fails to find Deepak and decides to go back because a week had passed and time was running out. She might not get a chance to come and meet him again. Sadly, she reaches the train station to return home.

Fortunately, and co-incidentally, Deepak is at the railway station too! While they meet for a brief period at the station, they sip some tea and coffee and someone mistakenly spills coffee over Deepak’s shirt. Deepak removes his shirt revealing the woolen sweater beneath. Aarti recognizes it, and her affection for him grows, bonds with him and she plans to meet him next time.

The next time, Deepak is the one who comes to meet her and her family, who accept him and then they are finally engaged and then married and live happily ever after.