Spirit is a 2012 Malayalam satirical film. The film Spirit primarily focuses on the increasing habits of alcoholism in Kerala but is altogether a take on all things contemporary with a satirical tint.

Raghunandan is an ex-Bank of England employee who resigned his lucrative job because he was bored with the rather sedentary and mundane nature of his work. Having lived in different parts of the world as a bank employee, he chose journalism as his next career and worked in different cities in India. He now works for a TV news channel as an interviewer in a popular show named “Show the Spirit”. In the mean time, he is in the process of writing an English novel too. He is essentially a loner but is a compulsive alcoholic and has an expensive collection of vintage drinks at home.
It was his excessive drinking that resulted in his divorce some years back, but he shares a healthy friendship with his ex-wife Meera and her current husband Alexy. The couple have custody of Raghunandan’s and Meera’s son Aditya a.k.a Sunny, who is deaf and mute. Captain Nambiar is jovial his next door neighbour. Raghunandan, however, is not really bothered about relationships, friendships or the norms of society and prefers to live life on his own terms. He rubs off some powerful politicians, who come to his TV show threatening dire consequences and offering bribes, the wrong way and doesn’t regret it.

Raghunandan’s fatal addiction towards alcohol takes a heavy toll on his personal and professional life. However, good sense dawns, albeit late, when he comes across a man who is worse than him because of his drinking problem. That is plumber Mani who is so drunk that he cannot distinguish between what is real and unreal. His character manifests all the worst characteristics of an alcoholic, including abusing his wife. Mani changes everything, bringing some meaning to Raghunandan’s life.