Shiva (Mahesh Babu), an officer in the Intelligence Bureau office, spies on people’s calls and messages to help them if needed. He developed a software to listen to the needing ones by tracking their phones. On the night of March 16th, he listens to a lady named Charlie (Rakul Preet Singh) talking about her wish on getting 98% in her exams from 96% to get a USA Scholarship with her friend. In order to do that, she decides to get concentration by knowing a guy. Shiva goes and follows her and Charlie starts to fall in love but Shiva does not as his main focus is to help people.

On the night of April 28th, he listens to a young girl asking her friend for help as she is alone in her house and scared because there is no current in her house whilst everyone else on her street does. Shiva sends his friend and new police constable, Renuka, to help the girl. However the next day, a news channel declares that the two are killed. Shiva goes to the site and finds that its been a brutal murder. To know who murdered them, he sets out to ‘spy’ the girl’s chats and whereabouts.

He finds that a guy followed her at a cafe. Through technology, he find someone who knows the guy. He then travels to the village where the guy grew up from, through the person who knew the guy. From a long-living villager, he learns the past about the guy, Bhairavudu/Sudalai (S. J. Surya). He has an anxiety to kill people and see the victims’ family crying. One day, a village kid sees him killing a person and tells the other villagers. They decide to burn Bhairavudu/Sudalai’s house, which his parents died from. Angry, he left the village to continue his anxiety with his younger brother. Shiva manages to catch him but instead he reveals to be Bhairavudu’s/ Sudalai’s younger brother (Bharath). Bhairavudu reveals that he killed 23 people and hid their bodies in 23 pillars of a bridge and threatens the whole citizens to leave his brother free. He also reveals that he plans to destroy a hospital. Shiva, though, kills Bharaivadu’s/ Sudalai’s brother in front of the 23 people’s families, including an angry Bhairavudu/Sudalai.

Bhairavudu/ Sudalai plans to kill Shiva’s family. Shiva finds out when his mother (Dheepa Ramanujam) calls him and tells him that she is scared because there is no current in their house whilst everyone else on the street does, exactly the same as what the girl had said earlier. Shiva manages to save his family through his workmates. Then, Bhairavudu/ Sudalai tries to kill Shiva on his way home, which Shiva gets stabbed through his body from a rod on a truck. He slowly recovers and gets back on getting Bhairavadu/Sudalai. Because Shiva had shot him before he fell unconscious, he thinks Bhairavudu/Sudalai has hidden himself in a house. With the help of the local ladies, Shiva finds, catches and arrests Bhairavadu/Sudalai, but Bhairavudu/Sudalai tells him that he had already planned a big rock fall in the city which starts in 20 minutes. Shiva manages to stop the big rock, with the number of cars that were already there and a truck he managed to get in place. Meanwhile, Bhairavudu/Sudalai escapes from the police quarters and continues with his plan on destroying a hospital. Shiva finds out from Charlie which hospital it is and who Bhairavudu/Sudalai is planning with. He reaches there just before the building collapses. He saved as many as he could but couldn’t save some patients which he feels heartbroken for. Lastly, Shiva finally kills Bhairavudu/Sudalai and tells media that “We have only killed the patient, but not the disease.”, “Helping people you don’t know is the greatest happiness in the world.” and, “We shouldn’t use technology all the time, because we don’t have time to spend with others.” The movie ends with Shiva walking with Charlie out of the crowd.