Talaash: The Hunt Begins


Babu works for three underworld dons and must go to prison to protect them. When his sentence is over, he returns home to find that Purnima (his wife), Arjun (his son) and Pooja (his daughter) live a destitute life. In order to gain revenge, he reveals his bosses’, Chhote Pathan and Rajjo Singh, secrets about their illegal dealings. His bosses decide to punish his betrayal by sparing his life, but kidnapping his daughter Pooja. When Babu tries to save his daughter, he is beheaded in front of his wife. This happened on Rakhi Day while Arjun was out polishing shoes to make money to give a gift to Pooja. He sees the gangsters’ car drive by and Pooja calling out for help. He chases the car for a minute before his little feet can no longer keep up.

Purnima (Raakhee) loses her mind, and is hospitalized in a mental hospital. Growing up, Arjun (Akshay Kumar) becomes a high-profile vigilante. He works for a police officer. As for Purnima, she becomes terribly ill and can be saved only if she sees her daughter again. Thus, Arjun decides to re-unite his mother and sister. In order to do so, he must discover the identity of his father’s killers.

At the beginning of his mission, he meets the exuberant and glamorous Tina (Kareena Kapoor) on a train who will be the one to help him get what he wants. He believes she’s the daughter of one of the thugs who kidnapped his sister. However, he leaves once he finds out she’s someone else’s daughter. Tina is heartbroken. Arjun eventually finds out that Rajjo Singh is still alive, but he’s headed to South Africa with his daughter, Tina. Arjun realizes that Tina is the daughter of someone even more influential in Pooja’s kidnapping. Now on top of looking for his sister Pooja, Arjun must also find Tina. He begins by going to South Africa in search of Tina. He begins to work for her father.

Arjun eventually reveals the truth behind her dad’s deeds. Tina is devastated and can’t bear to know the pain her dad has caused. She confronts him and he realizes his mistakes. Unfortunately, before he can reveal where Chhota Pathan has kept Pooja, he is shot and killed. He dies in Tina’s arms.Tina tells Arjun to follow Rocky only he is the one who can lead him to his sister So Arjun follows Rocky and Kills some of his henchmens later he indulges in a fight with him but Chotte Pathan comes in the scene which shocks Arjun and Rocky and his goons beats him very badly however later Arjun becomes successful in taking Pooja from the clutches of Chotte Pathan In the end Arjun Kills Rocky and Chotte Pathan and comebacks to India with Pooja and reunites with Tina and his family.Police Commissioner Congratulates him for being successful in his mission.

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