Thaanaa Serndha Koottam


The story is inspired from a real life incident in 1987 when a group posing as CBI raided a jewellery showroom in Mumbai and robbed money from there.

All the events happening in this movie happens in the period of 1986–1987 . The film begins with Pallavaram Paranjothi Pandian (RJ Balaji) attending an interview for a clerk’s post and getting rejected due to lack of money for giving bribe to the officials. Now the story shifts to Nachinarkkniyan (Suriya) attending CBI interviews and his friend (Kalaiyarasan) attending Police interviews. Both getting Rejected due to lack of bribe money for the post. We are shown Iniyan’s father Porchelvan (Thambi Ramaiah) working as a clerk in the CBI office. However he wants his son to be an officer, hence he pleads for the posting for his son to his higher officials. He asks for recommendation. However he earned the wrath of his senior official officer Uthaman (Suresh Chandra Menon). Uthaman is a corrupt official, once during a raid he asks for money. Porchelvan didn’t approve of this approach and he complains about Uthaman in the form of an anonymous letter. Uthaman comes to know about this and exacts revenge by purposely rejecting and humiliating Iniyan at the interview and later asks him to bribe in order to get the job. Iniyan and his father are dejected, Iniyan’s friend is also dejected due to his failure in the interview. He commits suicide suspecting that his wife eloped with some other guy. In reality his wife was late due to her visit to the temple. Iniyan is very much depressed after all these events and hence he decides to loot money from the rich and corrupted people. Especially he loots the black money and tries to reforms the society making sure that the deserved people get posting in the government departments. He forms a gang with him, starts to heist by posing as CBI and Income Tax officers.

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