Thommanum Makkalum


Thommanum Makkalum is a 2005 Malayalam film. It tells the story of Thomman and his two adopted sons Shivan and Sathyan.

The movie revolves around Thomman, who is a thief, and his two adopted sons Shivan and Sathyan. The story begins when they decide to mend their ways and lead a hardworking life. They owned a lorry and go for search job. Their lorry getting break down near udumalpettu. Their the twists starting. Sathyan stealing the food from Panicker’s house. Actually the rice is mixed with poison by Panicker due to Oppression from the village head Thevar, because of Panickers son cheating him and his daughter and go with thevars Money. Thomman eating food and hospitalizing. After returning from hospital thomman and sons come to panickers house to Know the truth. Now there is also Thomman and his sons with panicker to help them and they defeat thevar gang and take Thevars Aid Rajakkannu or Rajappan as their Slave. Later thevar’s daughter Poonkavanam fall in love with Shivan. Thevar arranging shivan’s marriage with his daughter. There Kaaliyappan, who Poonkavanam’s maternal uncle coming to stop the marriage. His plan success. At the marriage night Sathyan becoming a thief who robbing groom’s Ornaments. Then Shivan and Sathyan Separates due to this incident. Actually Kaliyappan was its master brain. He trying to kill Sathyan by the way that killing him and tell to all that he Escape with the money. He killed Panicker’s son by this way. But now kaliyappan fails. Shivan come and help Sathyan. They go to thevars house and revealing him truth about Panickers son and all misdeeds of kaliyappan. After all becoming good there is a bad news for Shivan and Sathyan by Rajakkannu that Thomman due to his sons separation attempt to suicide from a Big mountain. His sons coming there and thomman tell that they would fight and Defeat him then only he stops his suicide attempt. At Last The Comical Climax Takes Place. Shivan and Sathyan Beating thomman and Thomman telling -Ningalu thommanne makkalu thanne.

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