Twenty:20 is a 2008 Malayalam action thriller film. The film features an ensemble cast. The actors worked without pay in order to raise funds for the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA).

This movie Twenty Twenty’s plot revolves an advocate, Ramesh Nambiar, and a business man, Devaraja Pratapa Varma. When Arun Kumar murders a girl at Bangalore Medical College, Ramesh’s sister Aswathy Nambiar witnesses the murder. Arun, along with his two relatives Mahindran and Ganeshan, injects morphine in Ashwathy’s body and Arun rapes her. karthik, Aswathy’s lover and Devaraja’s brother, attempts to save Ashwathy but he gets killed and she falls into a coma. Antony Punnekkadan IPS a police officer is in charge of the case and he arrests Arun. However, Arun is saved from the case by advocate Ramesh Nambiar, who is unaware that Arun is behind his sister’s ill fate. This incident enrages Devaraja, and he himself seeks revenge on his brother’s killers and kills Arun. But Antony witnesses this and arrests Devaraja. Devaraja and his assistants play a drama and trick Ramesh into believing that Devaraja is innocent. Ramesh, with his excellence in the court, saves Devaraja from the case. Afterward, Devaraja reveals to Ramesh that he is the real killer and that he had played a trick on Ramesh as vengeance for saving Arun. This triggers a feud between Devaraja and Ramesh. When Devaraja tries to kill the remaining two relatives who were involved in the crime, Ramesh traps him and he is eventually arrested by Antony. After that Ramesh comes to know about what really happened to his sister through Vinod Bhaskher, her teacher. Devaraja escapes from police custody and, in the climax, he kills Ganesh and joins with Ramesh to kill Mahindran. Finally, Arun’s father Madhavan is killed by Antony.