Selina Joseph a budding poet, leading a very happy family life, on a very ‘usual’ day, commits suicide by shooting herself by her husband’s gun. Up on request from Mathew, her husband, Balachandran Nair , his friend, a Delhi based journalist decides to probe the reasons that led her to suicide. Balu unfolds the truths behind Selina’s death with the help of her childhood friend Shyamala Menon. Selina happened to be pregnant at her childhood in a gang rape. But what makes the film different is that Selina is unaware of this incident. She did not accept the fact even after the birth of her baby. She considered herself as a virgin and called her son Immanuel meaning the son of Holy virgin Mary. Her child was moved to an orphanage by her father Antony. She lost her memory after losing the child. But on seeing her son again years after, she is terribly distracted and commits suicide.